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Description –   E. x youngianum is a cross between E. grandiflorum and E. diphyllum, both species being native to Japan. This hybrid has occurred in the wild where the two species grow in close proximity, and in gardens and nurseries. The various varieties of this cross tend to be small to medium sized deciduous plants carrying medium sized flowers. These vary widely in colour and shape. Sometimes the shape tends towards E. grandiflorum or E. diphyllum, but others have quite different flowers unlike either parent.

‘Purple Heart’ is one of the group whose flowers are rather similar to the E. grandiflorum parent. Its flowers are fairly average white, but its more outstanding feature is the purple young leaf colour. Presumably this is the reason for the name. We bought it last spring (2015) and therefore not had it long enough to fully appraise.

Epimedium x youngianum 'Purple Heart'