A UK National Collection



ëwww.edrom-nurseries.co.uk - Edrom Nurserie from East Scotland, have the largest list of Epimediums in the UK and do sell by mail order. They are particularly good for Japanese hybrid varieties. They have been very helpful to us with our collection. Thank you, Terry.

www.desirableplants.com - Desirable Plants run by Julian and Sarah Sutton has been a significant source for us. Following Julian having health problems, they have down-sized their nursery activities, but they are still selling a very good range of Epimediums along with many bulb species.  They only sell by mail order and at garden shows.

www.tuckermarshplants.co.uk - Tucker Marsh Plants, run by Mark Fillan, has a good list of Epimediums but are particularly interesting as they have a good number of unusual varieties, particularly those of Epimedium x youngianum. www.  Mail order is available. The plants are a little more expensive than average, but are of very well established in 1 litre ’long-toms’.

www.straightmile.net - Straight Mile Nursery is local to us and the owner, David Sisley, has over the last few years had an increasing interest in the Genus. He has over a hundred varieties in his collection and is raising some rather interesting seedlings of his own. These will be evaluated eventually and named if distinct and worthy. www.

cgf.net - Cotswold Garden Flowers proprietor Bob Brown has a strong interest in Epimediums, and has a reasonable number for sale from the nursery and by mail order. He has some good Chen Yi plants which we have been pleased to obtain, E. Species No 8 from Jiangxi and E. latisepalum .

www.millcottageplants.co.uk - Mill Cottage Plants run by Sally Gregson does mail order and has a good list of Epimediums, Hydrangeas and other plants.

www.marchantshardyplants.co.uk - Marchants Hardy Plants  in East Sussex unfortunately does not offer mail order. Here you will find a very good selection of well grown Epimediums and a host of other plants in a lovely family run nursery. There is also a delightful garden open to the public to explore.

www.fordeabbey.co.uk - The Abbey Nursery situated adjacent to Forde Abbey Garden in Somerset has a good selection of Epimediums, but sadly does not offer mail order. We have twice visited the gardens and then the nursery buying Epimediums and other plants.

www.beechesnursery.co.uk  - Beeches Nursery at Ashton in North Essex is our fairly local supplier of woodland plants including many Epimediums. We make a couple of visits a year with a good lunch at a farm shop on route. Oh how exciting our lives are! The nursery stocks a vast range of interesting plants as well as woodlanders.

www.koenvanpoucke.be - Koen Van Poucke in Belgium regularly lists over a hundred Epimediums for sale. He has supplied a great many plants for our collection, that have not been for sale in the UK.  He does have a minimum order to the UK of a hundred Euros and the postage and packing is an additional forty Euros. He sends out fairly small bare root plants, but they always seem to have lovely, big fat healthy buds ready to grow in the spring. If the minimum order is a problem, see if you can join with fellow gardeners to make up an order together. We have done this, more recently as there have only been a few new ones that we have needed. 

We have not had the pleasure of visiting the nursery, but hope to some day.

​www.epimedium.be - Daniëlle Monbaliu has a small nursery in Oostkampe in Belgium, with a particular emphasis on Epimediums. She has selected a few very promising new hybrids, which should become popular when they become better known.  

We have not had the pleasure of visiting the nursery, but hope to some day.

www.mytho-fleurs.com - Thierry Delabroye, a French nurseryman, has been hard at work raising lots of new Heuchera varieties, the names of which many gardeners will be familiar. However he has also been raising a range of exciting new hybrid  Epimediums , many of which are named after JR Tolkien characters. He has been very generous with our collection, thank you again Thierry, but sadly does not do mail order. A visit to his nursery if you are travelling in the area is a very rewarding and memorable experience. He puts on displays and sells at many gardening shows in France, from where plant orders may be collected. 

We have not had the pleasure of visiting the nursery, but hope to some day.

Archangel  Plants 
La Pommasserie,  
49390 Mouliherne,
near Saumur,
hold the French National Collection of Epimediums  at Maine et Loire (department 49). The Nursery is run by John and Carol Worrall, who immigrated to France in 1997. ​

Please send for Epimedium list (carolstrafford@outlook.com) - mail order to uk address, postage at cost, plants sent out October - March. or plants purchased at the nursery from April-June.