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Epimedium  x omeiense 'Pale Fire Sibling' -  un-speckled form from Europa Nursery

Epimedium  x omeiense 'Pale Fire Sibling'

DescriptionEpimedium x omeiense is a medium sized evergreen hybrid of E. acuminatum with E. fangii. This is a naturally occurring cross which was found on Emei Shan (Mount Omei) in China by Mikinori Ogisu, a Japanese botanist and plant collector.

There have been offered by a number of sources  plants under the name of E. x omeiense ‘Pale Fire Sibling’. However some authorities cast doubt as to whether these are forms of E. Epimedium x omeiense. We purchased two different plants a good few years ago from Europa Nursery, which has long since ceased trading. One of these has highly maroon speckled young foliage, the other hardly mottled at all. More recently we have bought highly speckled forms from Desirable Plants and Edrum Nurseries. All our four forms have similar pale creamy coloured flowers with prominent claw like spurs.