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DescriptionEpimedium x omeiense is a medium sized evergreen hybrid of E. acuminatum with E. fangii. This is a naturally occurring cross which was found on Emei Shan (Mount Omei) in China by Mikinori Ogisu, a Japanese botanist and plant collector. This selection is less well known than ‘Akane’ and ‘Stormcloud’, but nevertheless is worthy of greater recognition. The colour combination is somewhat similar to E. acuminatum ‘Night Mistress’ , with its dark purple petals but the inner sepals are pale purplish white, rather than the darker purplish pink of ‘Night Mistress’. The flowers, in our garden, tend to be displayed on long, spreading stems close to the ground rather than above the leaf mound.  This means that the plant needs a good yard diameter space, when established.

Epimedium x omeiense 'Myriad Years'