A UK National Collection


Distribution  - China.

Description –   A medium growing evergreen species related, according to Stearn to E. sagittatum, but not appearing to have a lot of similarities, at least to a non-botanist. However both species have small inconspicuous flowers. The botanical name refers to the reticulated venation in the foliage. With a little imagination and at certain periods of the plants growth, it may be visibly more reticulated than in other species. Our small donated piece has been very slow to get going but it flowered for the first time in the summer (2015) and it seems to be the ‘true’ species. Plants sold under this name in the UK, with yellow hanging spider like flowers, are probably closer to E. membranaceum or rhizomatosum.

I would say so far, this is plant of botanical interest only, and not of any great garden worth.

Epimedium reticulatum

an Epimedium sold as E.reticulatum in UK