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Epimedium bought from Edrum as E. Milianthum

Distribution  - China, Hunan and Sichuan provinces.

Description –  A medium to large  growing evergreen species, related to E. sagittatum and like that species produces only very small flowers. However both species can have outstanding foliage. This one has incredible new foliage, heavily blotched in maroon red. This fades to dark green over a few weeks, but the show when the leaves are at their best, rivals a floral one. Whilst the flowers are tiny they do create a dainty cloud like effect. Our established plant has become a fair size and is a talking point with visitors.

I have a plant bought from Edrom Nurseries as ‘E. milianthum, from Japan’, which I have assumed should correctly be this species, just a spelling mistake.  I am not aware of a Japanese species of that name. However this plant does not have the red markings on the young leaves, but is not unattractive. It may be something new and rare, but more likely an  E. sagittatum from Chen Yi.

Epimedium myrianthum.