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Epimedium grandiflorum var. higoense ‘Saturn’ 

Description – A medium sized fairly deciduous species with widespread distribution through Japan etc. growing in deciduous woodland. It was introduced to Great Britain in the 1830s. With its wide geographical range through the various Japanese islands etc., a good deal of variation has occurred. Flower colour of the plants found in the wild varies widely: yellow, white, pink, lilac and reddish to purple. Add to this the large number of plants attributed to E grandiflorum that have arisen in cultivation and there may be hundreds of cultivars already named.
E. grandiflorum var. higoense ‘Saturnis rather similar to E. grandiflorum var. higoense ‘Bandit’ and E. grandiflorum ‘Nanum’. All have creamy white flowers over young leaves with a pronounced brown (purple bronze) rim, when grown in reasonable light. This is a shorter growing variety named by Dick Weaver and well suited to a choice spot in a lightly shaded rockery or raised bed.