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Epimedium franchettii 'Brimstone Butterfly'

Epimedium franchettii.

Epimedium franchettii 'Brimstone Butterfly'

probably Epimedium franchettii, but bought as 'Brimstone Butterfly'

Distribution  - China, Hubei and Guizhou provinces

Description – A medium to large sized evergreen species with attractive new foliage and yellow ‘spider’ like flowers.  It belongs to a grouping of species several of which have somewhat similar flowers which could cause some misidentification. The other species with four, down turned, usually yellow, claw like petals include E. membranaceum. rhizomatozum, lishihchenii, chlorandrum and wushanense.  The leaves consist of three leaflets with spiny margins. One form we have has excellent red new leaf colour.  It seems to grow well enough in moist woodland conditions.

A superb and somewhat larger, plant usually attributed to E franchettii, is ‘Brimstone Butterfly. Some authorities suggest it may be a hybrid or be of another species but whatever the genealogy of the plant may be, I guess it’s one of our top ten recommended varieties. The leaves get considerably larger than the species and are pinkish fawn colour when young. It makes a superb specimen plant when well grown and would get favourable comments in a moist woodland setting.

Epimedium franchettii 'Brimstone Butterfly'

Epimedium franchettii