Epimedium fargesii 'Pink Constellation' Og. 93.023

Distribution – China Sichuan Province

Description – A medium to large sized evergreen species related to E. dewuense and dolichostemon with similar white or pale pink pendulous (Dodecatheon) like flowers.  The leaves are narrowly ovate with spiny margins.
This species can be quite spectacular when established with a good clump carrying a large number of flowers. With us it has been reliable and long lived, in partial shade.

Epimedium fargesii from Blackthorns Nursery

Epimedium fargesii

Epimedium fargesii Og 93.057

Epimedium fargesii 'Pink Constellation' Og. 93.023

A UK National Collection

Epimedium fargesii 'Pink Constellation' Og. 93.023