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Epimedium fangii Og and Cc 022008 forms

Epimedium fangii Cc 022008

Distribution – China, Sichuan province on Emei Shan (Mount Omei).

Description -  An evergreen species which has spreading rhizomatous roots. The leaves consist of three narrowly ovate leaflets with short spiny margins. The young foliage has a reddish purple colour before turning green. The showy flowers have rich yellow petals, and the inner sepals reflex and can be reddish or yellow.
This species seems less easy to establish than some others, and we have yet to try a piece in the open garden. It is an attractive plant and worth some perseverance.

Epimedium fangii Og and Cc022008 forms

Epimedium fangii

Epimedium fangii Ogisu collection