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Epimedium ecalcaratum spurred form

Epimedium ecalcaratum spurred form

Epimedium 'Lemon Vest'

Distribution – China, Sichuan (Szechwan0 province.

Description -  A small sized semi-evergreen to evergreen species for a special spot in the garden,  perhaps on a partially shaded raised bed.  Both the leaves and yellow flowers are small and elegant.  The flowers are more purse shaped than its bell shaped cousins, E. campanulatum and platypetalum.

 E. eccalceratum occurs in forms, with and without spurs.

For us it hasn’t been the easiest of species to make content. Another plant E. ‘Lemon Vest’, looks extremely similar, and is an American selection or hybrid of the species with considerably more vigour. With us this performs very well and we predict it will be popular when availability improves.

Epimedium ecalceratum

Epimedium ecalcaratum spurred form