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Epimedium brevicornu 'Rotundatum' Og 82 010

Epimedium brevicornu 'Rotundatum' Og 82 010

Distribution – China, Gansu, Shanxi and Sichuan provinces.

Description – This is one of the few known deciduous species from China. It is a short growing plant with leaves with three to nine heart shaped leaflets. There is a form rotundatum where the leaflets are more rounded than the type. The flowers are fairly small white stars which are produced in profusion on established plants. It is a plant for edging a woodland path of better still, on a raised bed or rockery in partial shade. The plant virtually disappears completely over winter, unlike some other deciduous species, where wiry petioles and flower stems remain marking the position of the plant until the new growth appears in the spring.

Epimedium brevicornu

Epimedium brevicornu 'Rotundatum' Og 88 010