This is a hybrid between E. sempervirens ‘Candy Hearts’ and E. grandiflorum ‘Yubae’, raised by Darell Probst in the USA. I bought two E. ‘Lilac Cascades’ from the same nursery which appear to be two different plants. You would think it should be easy to decide which is the true variety, by comparing them with images on the web. I’m pretty sure which is right, but plants similar to both of ours seem to be on the net. Due to the parent E. sempervirens ‘Candy Hearts’ the leaves should carry a bold red rim when they first appear. One of our two plants shows this much more prominently, so I think this is the correct one. Both plants are attractive. I have cut off the leaves off both which are growing close together in the autumn for the sake of Cyclamen coums, growing between the plants in their raised bed. I therefore can't comment on how evergreen they might be.

The 2017 flowering of these plants showed much less difference between these two plants than previously!

Bought as Epimedium 'Lilac Cascade'

A UK National Collection

Bought as Epimedium 'Lilac Cascade'


Bought as Epimedium 'Lilac Cascade'

Epimedium 'Lilac Cascade'